Keyword Planning

Go beyond the obvious & discover a whole new world of targeting...

SEO & content marketing are largely dependent on keyword research - understanding the demand in your market, so it can be met with supply. Ideally yours.

The problem is, everybody knows this. And everyone's already gunning for the 'obvious' keywords, and likely using all the same tools.

So the smarter approach is to capture the same audience... but from different places.

This is why our apps open up entirely new frontiers of keyword targeting.

Here's just a few examples:

  • Zoom out from your primary keyword
    Use AI to build lateral concept clusters & generate thousands of non-obvious, totally valid keyword targets.

  • Prioritize based on performance
    Brainstorming ideas is different than betting on a sure thing. Use our apps to uncover your competitors' actual traffic % by keyword.

  • Nudge your way to greatness
    Dig into your Google Console data to see which keywords actually drive substantial traffic flow - and where you're almost on the first page...

These are just a few examples of zagging, when everyone's zigging :)

Explore all of our features here, or request access to Zag and experience a whole new world of keyword planning capabilities.