Content Strategy

Discover the best performing content across your market. And your own site.

Content marketing isn't a numbers game. Getting the right message to the right people generates a surge of activity that dwarfs 'ho-hum' content...

And the key to rapid growth is knowing how to determine what the right message is, at any given moment.

This is why our apps show you exactly what messages your market is actually engaging with, right now - as well as which content truly drives the most impact with your own prospects.

Here's just a few examples:

  • See what topics are getting a reaction
    Instantly discover the hot-spots across your market that are spiking in popularity, and getting people talking.

  • Know what actually generates revenue
    Mine your own analytics to cut through the noise, identifying content that's actually turning prospects into sales.

  • Pivotal breakthroughs, made easy
    Surfacing key marketing insights from your content will accelerate your entire growth strategy - because now you'll know what messaging to use across every channel...

And a lot more.

Explore all of our features here, or request access to Zag and experience a whole new world of content strategy capabilities.