Content Promotion

Discover a whole new world of promotional channels - and drive traffic with ease

While creating quality content isn't easy per se, most people struggle with what to do after they've hit the publish button. Especially if their own audience is in its early stages.

After all - turning your content into traffic is the whole point, right?

This is why our apps have a strong focus on distribution; finding ideal influencers, communities & access points where your content will be welcomed.

Here's just a few examples:

  • Realtime community monitoring.
    Perpetually scan millions of forums & communities for key topics & questions - so that you can jump in, provide value, and share your content with people who've essentially requested it.

  • See who's mentioning your competitors.
    Perpetually scan the entire web for mentions of your competitor's website & products. This is a great way to discover new prospective influencers & distribution partners.

  • Strategically tap existing channels.
    Prospect for well-ranked pages with active comments or forum threads - where you can drive long-term exposure simply by sharing helpful, relevant content.

And so on.

Explore all of our features here, or request access to Zag and experience a whole new world of content promotion capabilities.