SEO Insights

Unlock your full traffic potential with organic search - the smart way...

Too many people mistakenly view organic search traffic as a happy bonus; the mere by-product of other efforts.

In reality, SEO is a substantial growth channel that can be deliberately targeted & predictably captured.

But the key is to focus on a series of obtainable victories, rather than betting it all on a single 'holy grail' keyword...

This is why our apps surface your most realistic growth prospects, and highlight low-hanging fruit for tangible, near-term SEO results.

Here's just a few examples:

  • Identify proven, realistic targets
    See where the traffic is already flowing through competitive & performance gap analysis - and pursue obtainable keywords.

  • Powerfully optimize your existing rankings
    Extract your best opportunities for boosting search traffic - just by improving page descriptions for existing rankings. Simply improving your page titles can 5X your traffic!

  • Discover truly untapped keywords
    Utilize AI to completely re-draw the map of keywords that capture your market. Get into uncharted territory, and discover a whole new world of SEO prospects!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Explore all of our features here, or request access to Zag and experience a whole new world of SEO insights.