With Zag's 100% done-for-you insights & content service, now you can:

Put Your Entire Content Strategy
On Autopilot...

Stop me when this sounds familiar:

Even with the best market research tools, it takes time to find a single, compelling content angle that can actually drive growth.

Let alone dozens... or hundreds.

And once you do find some awesome topic ideas that can tap into rising trends - or soak up low-hanging search traffic - someone still has to sit down and create all of that content.

While outsourcing the actual writing makes sense, finding quality writers and then managing endless projects is no cakewalk, either.

This is the "hard work" part of the content marketing equation that you just can't escape.

So... what if we did literally all of that for you?


Strategic Content Fulfillment


Currently we offer 3 options for content fulfillment:

  • Rising Trends (DFY): Our analysts isolate trending topics for your keywords, and then task our writing team on your behalf.
  • Competitive Gaps (DFY): Our analysts identify the most compelling content gaps between your site vs your competitors, and then task our writing team on your behalf.
  • On-Demand: If you're a marketing intelligence wizard, then you can task our writing team directly, at a reduced cost (since you're doing the research).

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Rising Trends (DFY)

The key to sending shockwaves through your market? Knowing what to say, and when to say it...

There's a lot of bloggers & influencers who have built a huge audience simply by tapping into the right trends, at the right time.

But actually discovering viable trends to write about - let alone writing about them - is a huge undertaking.

So why not let our experts discover the hottest trends in your market right now - as well as the actually create the content?

This way you can put your content marketing on autopilot, and keep your audience more engaged, more often...

Competitive Gaps (DFY)

Sick of watching your competitors scoop up all the best search traffic?

Stop surrendering your would-be customers to the other guys, just because they have more organic exposure in the SERPs. Start grabbing some of that real estate for yourself by targeting new content towards the juicy, long-tail keywords that your competition is currently getting traffic from.

Our experts will identify your best content gap opportunities, and then craft the perfect content that the search engines need, and that your (new) customers will love...

Our writers are world-class and North American based. Here's some examples of what we can deliver:

On-Demand Content

Just need a great writing team to fulfill on your research & ideas?

If you're a wizard at using Zag & other tools to discover trends, analyze competitors and expand your content targets - then our on-demand writing services are a perfect fit.

Turn your ideas into results with our world-class writing team, who can handle anything you wanna throw at them...

Our writers are world-class and North American based. Here's some examples of our work:

Reduce Your Entire Content Strategy
to a Few Clicks...

Bottom line: Turning your content into consistent growth means publishing content, well, consistently.

This should be a regular stream of quality content that you as the founder, marketing director or even content strategy director shouldn't even have to think about - it should just happen.

Sure, you can occasionally write things like op-eds, headliner thought leadership pieces, etc.

But the steady content drip that's going to build your growth over time needs to be a process that runs on autopilot. (Otherwise it simply won't happen).

This is where Zag fits in. Let us do all the time-intensive heavy lifting, and just get it done for you. All we need are some really basic details, and we'll take it from there!

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