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Market Research

Topical Thunder

Perpetually scan your market to see what content has the most impact. Always know what will strike a nerve with your own content, emails, ads - and more!

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Compounding Interests

Use AI to turn a single keyword into thousands of new topics & targeting ideas. Discover a whole new world of content opportunities and untapped niches!

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Golden Prospects

Discover what keywords & pages drive the most traffic for your competitors, & identify the biggest gaps (your site vs theirs).

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News Rider

Perpetually scan the mainstream news media for breaking news about your target keywords - then 'ride the wave' by responding with an expert opinion.

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Traffic & Link Sources

First Responders

Find the most recent discussions across the entire web for your target keywords. Share your content with an audience that just asked for it - minutes ago!

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In Market Intercept

Monitor competitors to see where they're getting publicity, links & traffic. Why reinvent the wheel?

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Search Traffic Bypass

Drive immediate search traffic by finding pages that rank on page 1 across all your target keywords, and either add comments or advertise directly.

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Analytics & Insights

SEO Prospector

Crunch your console analytics & find opportunities to rapidly boost your search traffic - virtually overnight!

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First Impressions

Identify your best-performing content for converting & engaging new users - then create a lot more content just like it!

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The Big Picture

Get a 30,000 foot view of your marketing and clearly see how each channel plays a part in your customer journey - from initial discovery to conversion.

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Treasure Map

Discover which cities & countries resonate the most with your content. Use those insights to easily optimize all of your paid channels!

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Raving Referrals

Find your best influencers the smart way - scan your analytics to identify sites that drive outstanding conversion rates, engagement rates, and more!

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