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Run any number* of apps at a time, including advanced apps.

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* You can choose which apps you want to activate at any given time. Apps can be deactivated or reactivated at any time. Please see our terms of service for more details.

"Paint-by-numbers" for content marketers...

Zag saves us so much time when it comes to planning out our content each month - and we're just scratching the surface with a couple apps.

It's like 'paint-by-numbers' for content marketers. We love it!

Alex Miller  |  Founder & CEO at UpgradedPoints

Frequent Questions:

Do I have to install anything for the apps to work?

No. Most of our apps just need keywords or competitor domains.

A few of our apps (like SEO Prospector) just connect straight to your Google account to pull in data to the app.

Connecting to your Google Analytics or Search Console accounts takes 5 seconds inside of Zag :-)

Is there a money-back guarantee for apps?

We guarantee that our apps will function as promised - but we can’t make any claims about your results might be from using them, or if data will exist for your specific niche or query.

That said, if there is a bug or defect with a given app that materially hinders your usage of it, please let us know and we'll refund the most recent monthly payment for that app instance.

Limited to once per app per account, and ultimately refunds are granted on a case-by-case basis and at our discretion.

Can I see samples of your content & strategy reports?


We've included examples on our Services overview page here.

How long does it take for content to be delivered after ordering?

Our standard turnaround is 7-10 business days. Generally it's less than this, but 7-10 days is a conservative ETA.

What if I don’t like the content that gets delivered?

No worries – you’ll be able to send back your edits/feedback, and the assigned writer will work with you to get it right. You’ll find in general, though, that these revisions are usually just small details (or minor things that are contextual to your niche).

Zag’s writers are a very experienced team, and we’ve used them in other businesses as a sort of “spec ops” for content fulfillment.

What if I have marketing questions - can you help?


We have a private FB group exclusive for Zag customers where we deep-dive advanced strategies, and help customers with CM & SEO strategies.

Do the apps support Non-English market research?

While some apps do (eg. those powered by Google Analytics & Search Console), most of the app suite is optimized for English-based research.

What is a campaign?

Campaigns are just a way of organizing your projects & clients, like a folder. Apps need to be activated inside of a campaign.

Do the apps have unlimited queries?

While some of our apps have unlimited queries, most of our apps have a minimum monthly usage cap.

The vast majority of our customers find the minimum usage amount to be more than sufficient, but for our power users - you can optionally increase your usage cap for each app individually, under the “Manage Usage” section inside the interface.

Increased usage is also 100% pay-as-you-go, and can be set back to the default level at any time.

Are Zag's marketing analysts also creating the content?


We have specialists that use Zag’s tools to find competitive gaps & identify trends, and then create a project brief based on that research for an assigned writer.

Do I have to wait for the analysis to come back first, and then rubber-stamp it before it goes to the writers?

No. For now, the DFY research + content services don’t require any input from you until the content is received back (at which time you can request revisions, if needed).

In the future we might change this, but given the current volumes and to control turnaround times, it’s easiest to simply take your basic criteria and create strategy-driven content for you.

If you need total control on content themes / topics, then you’ll need to do your own research and use the On-Demand service.

Do you accept Paypal?

Not currently. We accept major credit cards, processed securely by Stripe.

For annual plans, we can accept wire transfers / purchase orders.

Who are you guys?

Well shucks - thanks for wondering :)

You can find out more about who's behind the curtain over here >

What people are saying:

Secret weapon for getting new clients

SEO Prospector is absolutely awesome - it's become a 'secret weapon' for landing new SEO clients because we can now legitimately offer measurable traffic results in the first week, if the client is already in the SERPs.

Smartest tool ever, love it guys!

Jeff Shannon  |  Co-Founder at Helmkin Digital

Easily saves us hours each day

Our team produces tons of well-researched articles every day - and using Zag's brainstorming apps like Topical Thunder and Compounding Interests has been a game-changer.

Easily saves us multiple hours each day.

Dave Kelly  |  Founder at Articlez

We found our best influencer

Funny enough we were just coming up with new blog post ideas (using Topical Thunder) and we noticed this one site was getting tons of content shares - it was a blogger we didn't recognize.

We asked about guest posting, one thing led to the next and now they're probably our #3 traffic source. Awesome!

Kimia Hamidi  |  Co-Founder at Ghostit