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Compounding Interests

Use AI to reveal a whole new world of content & targeting ideas.

Zoom out from a core keyword and extract thousands of lateral concepts, topics, influencers, products, keyword ideas & more - all in seconds.

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Topical Thunder

Always know what content is having the most impact across your market.

Discover recent content that drives the most social shares & response. Search by keyword or monitor specific sites & influencers.

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Golden Prospects

See exactly what keywords & content drive traffic for competitors.

Discover which keywords & pages actually drive the lion’s share of your competitors traffic, & easily identify the biggest gaps (your site vs theirs).

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SEO Prospector

Find opportunities to boost your search traffic - virtually overnight

Crunch your search console data to discover opportunities for multiplying traffic from the rankings you already have. These tiny changes can have a massive impact - often in 48 hours or less!

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First Responders

Share your content with an audience that just asked for it.

Scan forums & Q/A sites in realtime for key topics, brands, competitors, etc. Promote your content by adding immediate value to highly-engaged communities.

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News Rider

Monitor the entire news media for strategic content opportunities.

Perpetually scan breaking news for any number of target keywords. Be first to jump on the wagon with your expert opinion.

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Raving Referrals

Search for proven influencers & traffic sources the smart way.

Dig into your analytics to find high-performing referral sources by key metrics. Your best scale-up opportunities could be hiding in your own data.

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In-Market Intercept

Reap the reward of all your (competitors) hard work.

See everything that gets published about all of your competitors. Always know what they’re doing, how they’re driving traffic, who’s linking to them - and more.

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First Impressions

See which content is best at turning new visitors into customers

Discover the ‘champion content’ that’s secretly driving performance at a far higher rate than the rest of your site. Then create more content just like it.

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Search Traffic Bypass

Capture search traffic instantly... and indirectly.

Analyze every top-ten listing in Google’s results for multiple keywords to see where you can drive traffic from highly-ranked content.

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Online Discussions

Prospect for key topics in real time, and share helpful content with highly-engaged audiences.

Data Mining

Mine your analytics to find high-performing pages & traffic sources that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Hot Topics

See what topics are resonating most with your market. Scan key sites or search by keyword.


Search for actual influence... not just follower counts. See whose content makes an impact.


Monitor competitors to see where they're getting publicity, links & traffic.

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